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Mistress In Control. Mistress In Control For submissive men, there is no greater honor than praise from their Mistress for serving her well.

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Sub looking for a mistress to serve

Are you up for spoiling me in the ways a real Goddess should be? I do not live on fantasy island and I am not the ONE to make slaves' dreams come true. This takes an enormous amount of pressure off the woman, and she can then spend her time doing things she enjoys more than chores. They thrive on their ability to please her every desire and whim, and they spend their entire lives striving to become the perfect servant, even when doing so involves pain, discipline, humiliation or other unpleasant experiences.

It takes time to get to know someone, and to feel out the fit between a Domme and a sub.

Vanilla living sub male looking to serve imaginitive mistress

Someone that knows submission is the greatest gift they can bring to a Dominant. For these men, none of that matters. My needs are anywhere from financially to physical. Being a slave may involve other forms of psychological or physical pain, but the slave will never have to do anything more than obey their Mistress, and for these men, this is ideal. I am no way shape or form interested in what slave likes.

White sub male looking for a strong dominating black mistress/goddess to serve, black bdsm personals

Its not about you at all. These women, Dommes, not only find that their every need is met, but that having a slave is actually a very fulfilling, empowering experience.

I am searching for my long-term sub who will serve me, feed me, shop for me, take care servee errands for me, etc. The only physical characteristics that interest me are your ability to tell the truth, your integrity, your dependability, and your reliability.

Unowned slave/sub seeks mistress to serve

Reference - Very well-educated, bilingual, graduate degree, charming and funny woman seeking submissive male. Learn to serve and obey a strict Mistress. By allowing the Mistress to dominate and make clear when they have pleased her and when they let her down, the slave knows exactly what his Mistress wants, and he learns how to become a better partner.

Location: London, England. It is about my personal enlightenment and self-expression my artistic streak. And, depending on how serious the relationship gets, who will take care of my financial and physical needs.

Sub male looking to serve a mistress

Seeking Wealthy or very Financially secure slaves to serve me long term. References will be checked.

Submissive looking to kneel before his mistress, mature bdsm dating

Often for the outsider it is hard to understand the BDSM life style. Yes, she may need to punish them for disobedience or push them past their limits to get a powerful emotional response, but she does this out of a place of love.

Fo am happily married so I am NOT seeking a ificant other but rather a true submissive mmistress desires to serve me and comply with my demands. Girl next door type but looks can be deceiving as I am dominant sexually! Yet few women ever turn this fantasy into reality, and most would laugh at the suggestion, thinking it the stuff of movies and books. Must be able to take care of all my needs Personals from Dominant Women:. My vanilla interests are diverseā€¦.

Vietnamese mistress seeks male/female sub slave, meet bdsm

My list of fetishes is just that, MY list. When a Mistress shows that she does what she says, keeps her misterss and never lies or deceives, their slaves are happier and more content, knowing they can trust their lives with this woman. This year it is learning to ride horseback, for example. Mistress In Control For submissive men, there is no greater honor than praise from their Mistress for serving her well.

Sub male looking to serve a mistress

Dominant woman serce and cherish their slaves, and even though they may put them through some difficult and painful training, they care deeply about this man. Ultimately, one day I hope to find a successful, submissive male who can offer me a wonderful life, and this will be the man I expect to marry. He must meet my financial, sexual, intellectual, personal, spiritual and educational needs.

I am Empress every hour of the day as slave should be itself in the same capacity. I enjoy all indoor and outdoor sports and activities, dancing, singing, playing the saxphone, and being creative with clay, metal and wood. And many slaves, in other mald of their lives, hold much responsibility, and they enjoy coming home to their Mistress where they can focus only on her wishes and not the pressures of the outside world.

Sub male looking to serve a mistress

Please only those who are serious about this lifestyle, financially secure and truly submissive need apply. The only way to do this may be to push them past their limit, and when this is done compassionately, it can open up a whole new world for the slave. The safe word should be understood and agreed upon in advance.