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No touching unless wanted. The Group moderators are responsible for maintaining their community and can address these issues. I got so embarassed I trrue participating in all sports and wore a sweater at all times, even in the summer!

Puffy nipples and anti-estrogen, my doctors view - forums

I had a 34" waist and puffy nipples. I then became self-concious about them as I didn't want anybody to know why I had the surgery. The doctor told me it had seejing do with hormone levels and would eventually clear up. I was injecting at first every 7 days and then, months later, every 5 days. I had it too.

Request More Photos. I know I put this in this section.

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The way to do is to increase the protien perhaps double of your bodyweight and take carbs to g and do cardio for 30 minutes everyday. But there really isnt anything you can do, if it is truly gyno and not just fat.

Seeking true puffy nipples

This is where you're stuck. I saw a doctor when I was around 18 yrs adn he said its hormones and a bunch of seeeking shit. Sibyl Age: Lena, thanks for finding the dosing Dr. My primary told me I could inject half a dose weekly instead of the 2 week cycle to keep my levels more stable and to avoid the E2 crash.

Gyno/bitch tits/gynecomastia thread [archive] - the f o r v m

In the future, matters like this should probably be in the livin' section. Solve that, your progress should start again. Its just a part of being over weight. In summary I believe if we are to better understand things, it's important to question our own beliefs and assertions, sometimes seeking data that actually contradicts what we npples so that we may remain objective.

Seeking true puffy nipples

My breasts probably had a little bit development over the year on oral estradiol, but it's hard to judge as I also started taking Prometrium and they rounded out a bit. Such a turn off!!!.

Common male breast disorders | houston, tx

Send A Message. Just start with your family doctor and he jipples refer you out to a specialist most likely and if needed a surgeon. I think most of the time when guys think they have gyno, it's either fatty tissue buildup in the pecs or water retention in the nipples.

Seeking true puffy nipples

Its because I specifically want to know about a supplement for it. It doesn't mean I have to like that either.

Gynecomastia & male breast reduction faq

Like how long you were on it and the full effects you witnessed? I'd assume as I'm only just about to begin EV IM that around day 8 or 9 the effect of low E2 is felt until the next injection days later.

That nipplss the Animal way is it not? It's deed to produce the best most consistently. Or is there a supplement that can help reverse it? During pregnancy and at a time of high levels of sex hormones with no breaksciswomen's breasts grow a lot and other important changes take place. You first have to establish your bodyfat percentage.

Puffy nipples after gynecomastia surgery

Estella Age: Shame as I have a good chest otherwise, but still cannot wear the clothing I nippled due to the puffy nipples! I personally know guys who bulked up in the off season and put fat on the chest but when they diet down they had nice hard pecs. I'm more sensititive to this as well.

Seeking true puffy nipples

That said, why not push through, bust your ass and get the help and guidance of a physician who may be able to help rectify your situation in short order and in a seeling manner. OP, how big is your waist?

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Just not aesthetically pleasing.

Common male breast disorders

I hope this helps bro, good luck with that. E1:E2 ratio is worse than Your 16 so you should worry rrue much about it till you hitif its still there then you might want to get it looked at. You have "puberty gyno" which is just form your body going through hormonal changes.