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Washington, D. FORM F. Commission file : Exact name of Registrant as specified in its charter.

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Below is a list of the termination events applicable to the port lease agreements:.

Seeking ltr 31 campinas 31

A portion of our freight activities involves petroleum products and seekinb flammable materials, and the presence of such products may aggravate the effects of any catastrophe. Depending on the severity of noncompliance, applicable penalties include, among others:. Table of Contents The volatility and uncertainties in international oil and gas prices as well as a ificant depreciation of the real relative to the U. The concession agreements for Malha Paulista and Malha Sul expire in andrespectively.

As a result, any changes to the criteria established by Consecana may lead to an increase in the cost of sugarcane, which may have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and of operations.

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As a result, the implementation of our growth strategy and the normal course of our business may be adversely affected by government actions. Advances in the development of alternatives to sugar and ethanol also could ificantly reduce demand or eliminate the need for sugar and ethanol as a fuel oxygenate. Government policies in Brazil and elsewhere, in each case whether at seeing federal, state or local level, may adversely affect the supply, and demand for, and prices of, our products or restrict our ability to do business in our existing and target markets, which could adversely affect our financial performance.

Organizational Structure. Some of our major competitors may be pursuing growth through acquisitions and alliances, which may reduce the likelihood that we will be successful in completing acquisitions and alliances.

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As a result, we might not be able to pass on the increase in our cost structure to our customers, which could decrease our profit margin and result in a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition and of operations. Even if we do not post such collateral or provide guarantees, we will be liable for paying any amounts due campinae to any unfavorable outcomes in legal proceedings. These proceedings may result in penalties, fines, sanctions or other forms of liability and could have a material adverse effect on our seeklng, business, financial condition and of operations.

Our business is subject to seasonal trends based on the sugarcane growing cycle in the Central-South region of Brazil. Intangible assets and goodwill. Diluted earnings per share from discontinued operations.

Table of Contents A seekking in market demand for ethanol or a change in governmental policies requiring ethanol be added to gasoline may have a material adverse effect on our business. The compensation to which we would be entitled in the event of possible revocation of the concessions may not be sufficient to recover the full value of certain assets. Current loans, borrowings and debentures.

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In addition, fluctuations in prices for ethanol or sugar may occur, for various other reasons, including factors beyond our control, such as:. Table of Contents 311. Consolidated Statement of Financial Position Data:. Accordingly, a reduction in corn prices may lead to material reductions in the price of ethanol produced in the United States and result in increased competition in the Brazilian market.

Tabular Disclosure of Contractual Obligations.

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Title of each class. We are engaged in a of expansion projects within our concession area that will require a ificant of service providers, deeking may not be available. Consequently, if we are unable to contract the necessary services due to service industry shortages campins a lack of providers with the technical ability to provide the services we require, this could have an adverse effect on our expansion projects or lead to delays in the execution of our expansion projects as new service providers go through an approval process and develop the technical qualification to commence operations.

The majority of cargo Rumo transports is for the agricultural commodities industry.

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In addition, in connection with seeling new indebtedness we incur, we may be required to meet certain covenants in our financing arrangements, such as maintaining financial ratios, and may be subject to restrictions on our ability to incur new debt or make new investments. Identity of Directors, Senior Management and Advisers. Moreover, we will be subject to the risk that we may not be able to maintain or obtain insurance of the type and amount desired campnas reasonable rates.

Upon termination of the concession, it is possible that the investments made in those assets will have not been entirely amortized or depreciated.

Agricultural production and trade flows are ificantly affected by Brazilian federal, state and municipal, as well as foreign, government policies and regulations. January In addition, this segment holds interests in companies engaged in research and development on new technology. These events have negatively affected general economic conditions, especially in the period from to the first quarter of Furthermore, since the enactment of Law No.

Seeking ltr 31 campinas 31

The increase in the production and sale of flex fuel vehicles hybrid vehicles, that run with ethanol or gasoline or both combined in any proportion has resulted, in part, from lower taxation, sinceof such vehicles compared xampinas gasoline only cars. The foregoing could result in a material adverse effect on us. During the peak months of the harvests, there is higher demand for transport and logistics operations.

The Brazilian government last imposed remittance restrictions for approximately six months in and early During that period, the cost of raising money in the debt capital markets has increased substantially while the availability of funds from those markets for Brazilian companies has diminished ificantly.

Risk Factors. We cannot guarantee that Rumo will obtain similar revenue from its major clients in the future. In addition, these risks could result in loss of human life, ificant damage to property, aeeking pollution and impairment of our seking, which in turn could lead to substantial losses. The Brazilian Supreme Court may grant retroactive or prospective effect to the declaration of unconstitutionality.

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Check one :. Failure to comply with, obtain or renew the s and permits required for our business may have a material adverse effect on us. The principal rights and obligations of the holders of concessions are included in the concession agreement, and in the regulations established by ARSESP. We could also be held responsible for any and all consequences arising out of human exposure to hazardous substances, such as pesticides, herbicides, soil or groundwater contamination or other kinds of environmental damage.

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These market conditions, both in Brazil and internationally, are beyond our control. Strategic partnerships are essential to the continuity of serking operations and our growth. Liquidity and Capital Resources.

Seeking ltr 31 campinas 31

The proposed EU data protection regime extends the scope of the EU data protection law to all foreign companies processing data of EU residents and imposes heightened requirements on controllers that engage in activities that are within scope of this regulation. We may also enter into strategic alliances to increase our competitiveness. We engage in business and financial transactions with our controlling shareholder and other shareholders that may create conflicts of interest between our Company and these shareholders.

Prices for natural gas and oil are subject to a variety of factors that are beyond our control.