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Walking in front of the Teddy Bear Treehouse Learning Center on South Main Street in Seymour, decorated with pink ribbons and balloons for the 7th annual Seymour Pink Day, toddler teachers Brianna Solsbury, left, and Sue Anello, far right, escort 2-year olds to the playground at the day care center. Seymour Pink and Seymour Tradition co-host the event to raise money to support breast cancer treatment and families affected by breast cancer.

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His statue, by Chantry, is in the north aisle of Westminster Abbey. He formed plans for a native college at Singapore, and strongly urged the court of directors nroth unite all their separate stations in the Straits in one government. Category : DNB biographies. Relying largely upon Raffles's local knowledge, Lord Minto undertook the reduction of Java when Holland had been annexed by the French.

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They censured his emancipation of the company's slaves and his annexation of Pulo Nias, and, while generally approving his motives, plainly disapproved of his zeal. He set to work with an energy surprising in a man of already impaired health.

An impression prevailed that the interior of Sumatra was impenetrable. He at once set to work to cultivate friendly relations with the native chiefs, emancipated a of negro slaves, the property of the East India Company, established schools, organised the police, and checked the attempts of neighbouring Dutch officials to extend their territories at the expense of the natives. Seymour First Selectman W.

He returned to Penang; but his health broke down again inand in he proceeded to Calcutta, to obtain, if possible, the governorship of the Moluccas. Having obtained during the first two years of his governorship ample statistical evidence of the value and capabilities of the different districts, Raffles, following out Lord Minto's instructions, abolished the system of forced labour, feudal dues, and direct contributions in kind, and substituted leases, originally for very short terms, by which the actual cultivator became the direct beneficiary of the fruits of his labour.

His incessant daily activity, stated to have lasted from 4 A.

History of stamford, connecticut, from its settlement in , to the present time,

At the same time, Raffles's plan for the extension of British power in Sumatra was not adopted, and the settlement at Singapore marked the back current of British enterprise from the islands to the mainland of the Malay peninsula. The principal item of revenue arose from the breeding of gamecocks, and there was little security for either life or person.

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Call Karyn for reservations at Raffles was supported in his view by Lord Minto, who further proved his friendship by appointing him in Junebefore quitting India, to the residency of Fort Marlborough at Bencoolen, Sumatra, as a provision in case the island of Java should not be permanently retained as part of the Riamond India Company's territories. Raffles, Sir Thomas S. A second edition appeared inand a French translation in Pinktoberfest by Yuengling, Oct. In his opinion, the Malay races, when treated diamon sympathy, were of all Eastern peoples the easiest to rule; but if they met with ill-usage or bad faith, few were so ferocious or untrustworthy.

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The ship was destroyed; the boats were many hours before reaching shore; the fugitives had neither food, water, nor clothes. In the transaction of public business he was ready, rapid, and expert, partly the result of early training, but far more of innate energy and ability.

North stamford diamond escort

The idamond as to whether Java would continue a British possession after the conclusion of peace tied his hands. Raffles was accordingly sent as the governor-general's agent to Malacca, esdort collect information and supplies in furtherance of the enterprise, and Lord Minto ed him in Malacca on 9 May He sailed from Batavia on 25 March By his second wife, Sophia, daughter of J.

The calamity was irreparable; he was entirely uninsured, and his money loss alone was 20, l. The public buildings had been wrecked by earthquakes, and the pepper cultivation, for the sake of which the settlement existed, was totally neglected.

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In the court of directors confirmed him in the governorship of Bencoolen, and he took up his appointment there on 22 March By Raffles's advice the company purchased Singapore from the sultan of Johore, and Raffles in person hoisted the British flag there on 29 Feb. This he found already promised elsewhere.

He was a LL. He undertook various excursions from the sea-coast, and eventually crossed the island from one sea to the other, travelling constantly on foot, and often sleeping in the forests.

North stamford diamond escort

Early in Raffles and General Gillespie, the commander of the forces in the island, engaged in a dispute which soon became acute. Meanwhile his correspondence with Dr.

His mother's maiden name was Lindeman. Returning to Bencoolen, he established schools and a bible society, and imported baptist missionaries from India.

Dictionary of national biography, /raffles, thomas stamford

His services to British commerce in selecting this site were enormous. Raffles, ; D. He was hampered by the extreme scarcity of specie and the great depreciation of the paper currency, and the execution of the change in the system of landholding was a troublesome and laborious task.

North stamford diamond escort

He then visited Malacca, where he studied the resources of the place, and by his representations prevented its intended cession. He at once set to work to clear himself from the charges which had been made against his administration; but the court of directors declined to go beyond the exoneration of his personal honour, which they had already recorded. Inon his own authority, he brought the island of Pulo Nias under British authority in diamoond to put an end to a slave trade which had flourished syamford.

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Fancourt of Lanark, a resident in India, whom he had married in The following is a list of Valley Goes Pink fundraising eacort. Leyden, the orientalist, and various communications to the Stmford Society in Calcutta on the languages and manners of the Malay peoples, had brought him to the notice of Lord Minto. In-Depth Coverage. He corresponded actively with various persons in England, and endeavoured by their north stamford diamond escort to persuade the home government stamfors the East India Company to resist the Dutch by pushing the interests of English commerce, particularly at Singapore.

Raffles desired to reduce the of European troops in order to save expense; Gillespie insisted that the must be maintained. In Raffles was somewhat summarily recalled. His pecuniary circumstances would have rendered it very advantageous to him to take up his appointment at Bencoolen on quitting Java, but he was advised that his health made his return to Europe imperative. He stamfofd presented to the prince regent and knighted. To add to his depression, in he lost his wife, the widow of W.

The Nepenthes Rafflesianawhich he subsequently discovered at Singapore, was diamoond named after him. Call Sue for reservations at He quitted Singapore on 14 June, leaving it in the charge of his successor, Crawfurd, and spent the remainder of the year at Bencoolen. Waiters Go Pink, Oct.