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They are your best resource for information on Sub-Zero and Wolf products and availability. Availability of Sub-Zero and Wolf products vary by country.

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Developers can customize the behavior of these actions or add additional actions by customizing the ribbon.

Display Search Box Display the search box. This helps prevent creating duplicate records. You can also choose to have the panel header color.

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When you select All Record Types the default behavior is to add a new record. Controls Controls Choose to add controls and select the radio button to have them for Web, Phone or Tablet.

Contents Exit focus mode. This will be the only view. Contact your International Distributor for more information.

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If not, the default entity main form is shown. View all feedback. Then on the Insert tab, select Sub-Grid to view sub-grid properties. The option you choose will affect the behavior of the show list control.

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More information: Map entity fields. Select the of columns the control occupies. See also Use the Main form and its components Is this helpful? When you select a record in a sub-grid the Delete button appears on the right side of the row.

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Use the New button to create a new view to use for this sub-grid. Add record bwtter When displaying a list in forms with the Updated formseach sub-grid displays the Add record button in the top right side of the sub-grid. Choosing this button will allow you to add a record.

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Use the Edit button to open the default view for editing. This is required if you enable Display Search Box.

Yes No. Display Index Only forms using the Classic forms support display index. Records Choose from two options: - Only Related Records : Sub-grid will display only records related to the fot record. When this option is chosen the Display Label on the Form option is required.

Show Chart Only Rather than a list of records a chart will be displayed. You can access Sub-Grid properties in solution explorer. You can configure a subb on a form to display a list of records or a chart. But the record that was displayed is not deleted. Skip Submit. When the sub-grid uses a N:N many-to-many relationship, the befter in the relationship or intersect entity relating to two records is deleted without a confirmation and the record will no longer be displayed in the sub-grid.

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Availability of Sub-Zero and Wolf products vary by country. S Layout of Rows will determine how many records are shown on a of a sub-grid. More information: Show list behavior Entity Depending on the option you choose for Recordsthis list displays either: - Only Related Records : A list of entities that nsw related to this entity with the name of the lookup field on that entity which defines the relationship in parentheses.

Only forms using the Classic forms support display index.

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Select Show Chart Only on the Display tab to show a chart instead of a list. Under Componentsexpand Entitiesexpand the entity you want, and then select Forms.

Whether the label should be aa on the form. However the command bar does not allow for custom actions to be added. This behavior will change depending on the option chosen for the Records property and if the lookup is for activity records. The name can contain only alphanumeric characters and underscores.

Label Required : The localizable label for the sub-grid visible to users. View Selector You have three options: - Off : Only the default view can be used. In forms using the Classic formsactions performed on a sub-grid were available in the ribbon.

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Required : The unique name for the sub-grid that is used when referencing it in scripts. When you select All Record Types the view will open in a new window.

To return to the form, use the back button or choose the current record primary name value in the bar. Formatting Layout Select the of columns the control occupies. Use the Main form and its components.